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Apr 22, 2007 4:52 pm

Sunday Notes

City Journal for Spring has two pieces worth your attention: Christopher Hitchens,"Jefferson and the Muslims"; and Peter W. Huber's"Germs and the City".

Susie Linfield,"The Blind Prisoner," Washington Post, 22 April, reviews Karolina Lanckoronska's Michelangelo in Ravensbruck: One Woman's War Against the Nazis.

Liesl Schillinger,"Life of the Party," NYT, 22 April, reviews Stephen Pascal, ed., The Grand Surprise: The Journals of Leo Lerman.

Eugene Volokh,"Careful Doing History in Europe – You Might Go to Prison," The Volokh Conspiracy, 20 April; and Volokh,"Historians Getting into Legal Trouble," ibid., 20 April, look at new regulations in the European Union.

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