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Mar 30, 2007 3:00 pm

Bob Barr: Drug Warrior No More

Bob Barr had a pretty good civil liberties record (for a Republican) while he was in Congress but there was always one notable exception, his support for the drug war. Now, this former drug warrior is changing his tune.

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Anthony Gregory - 4/1/2007

If you think people should be imprisoned for meth or cocaine, you are a drug warrior. How is this not true?

Now, I like and admire Barr a good deal. Outside of this issue, and a few others, he is great. But I don't think marijuana is even half of the drug issue. It is but one drug. The drug issue concerns whether you think people have a right to put drugs in their bodies and sell them and possess them. In practice, marijuana doesn't even account for half of drug prisoners.

David T. Beito - 3/31/2007

A half-way drug warrior has pretty much thrown in the towel so I don't think the term drug warrior applies anymore. Perhaps, in the words of conservatives, I can call him an appeaser.

Anthony Gregory - 3/30/2007

This is great, but do you really think we can say he's not a drug warrior anymore? Is he against the drug war or just draconian penalties for pot? Marijuana is only one part of the drug issue. Being against alcohol prohibition doesn't mean you're not for the drug war, either.