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Mar 21, 2007 7:19 am

Judge Only Qualified To Decide About Other People's Lives

Up until yesterday the state of Florida considered Judge Lawrence Korda qualified to make important decisions about people’s personal lives such as where the paternity and custody of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby should be decided. This will probably change because he was caught smoking marijuana in a public park. You see, the state does not consider him to be competent when making personal decisions about his own life such as how he chooses to relax. If he had gotten drunk in a bar or had a prescription for an anti-depressant drug with a suicide warning on the bottle he would not now be in trouble.

When in the Anna Nichole Smith spotlight Judge Korda conducted himself and his courtroom in a professional and efficient manner that elicited no negative commentary. On the other hand, Judge Larry Seidlin, also involved in the Smith case, who promoted a circus like atmosphere in his courtroom and blubbered when announcing his decision will continue on the bench because he does not smoke marijuana or at least has not been caught doing so.

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Gary McGath - 3/20/2007

They have to kick him off the bench. If they let someone who's smoked pot be a judge, next thing you know they'll stop jailing innocent people who need marijuana to survive without intense pain. We can't have THAT, can we?