Feb 19, 2007 11:19 am


The local Goan English paper enabled its readers to post Valentine messages to their sweethearts. Some readers sent the obvious messages promising eternal love, others promised they will do better. But my favorite was a political one. To understand it one must know that the regional plan was so unpopular that it had to be recalled by a government fearful of losing the upcoming elections and that the mayor of Panji and State Tourism officials are engaged in a no hold all out fight over who will organize the carnival parade which will take place this coming Saturday. Both want to do it. So, here goes the Valentine :

My Shaanu:

Our love is not like the Regional Plan conceived by crooks at heart

Our Love is a God's plan with the oath"Till death do us part."

Our Love is not like the Goa Carnival where jokers fight for the pie

Our Love is a union of body, mind and soul with the oath"Love you till I die."

Your Shaana

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