Feb 19, 2007 11:11 am


Terror Finance blog reports that Bill Morris thinks so:

The following is an excerpt from an interview between Bill Clinton's former political consultant, Dick Morris, and Tony Jones of the Australian ABC's Lateline programme:

TONY JONES: I think you've given us a pretty fair idea of what the Republican attack ads might focus on if she(Hillary Clinton) does run but do you think there's anything else beyond her past activities that the public doesn't yet know about?

DICK MORRIS: There is one. Bill has been very involved with Dubai, the capital city of the UAE, the United Arab Emirates, and the Amir of Dubai, who took power this past February, is the second or third richest man in the world, and first he invited President Clinton to come and speak in Dubai and Bill Clinton was paid $300,000 for each of those speeches. But then the Amir gave to a company in the United States control over all of his investment portfolio, to make his investment decisions and set up a subsidiary of that company to invest all of his money and Bill Clinton was the go-between in that deal and is being paid a brokerage fee for that deal having been happened. Neither Hillary or Bill have disclosed how much that fee is but it may well be in the millions, even tens of millions of dollars. She's on her ethics form, said it's more than $1,000, but that's all she's required to say. And after five years, Bill may be eligible for as much as $100 million.

Dubai is a difficult country for the United States. Recently the Amir was named in a class action suit for importing two year old boys, who were then raised with stunted growth to be jockeys on camels and then when they reach puberty they're let go and have no way of making a living, have no education and in many cases are physically deformed. He?s announced that he?s curbing that practice but he?s put up with it for 20 years.

Dubai refines all of Iran's gasoline and without Dubai Iran couldn't have any gasoline - resists US pressure to cut back on that to pressure Iran not to develop nuclear weapons.

So there are a host of issues where an Arab country paying the husband of the president of the United States a vast amount of money that goes into their joint chequing account could really be raised in the campaign, and I'm going to spend some time raising them.

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