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Jan 31, 2007 4:27 am

Some Recommended Things

James Owen,"Stonehinge Settlement Found: Builders' Homes, ‘Cult Houses'," National Geographic, 30 January, is today's leading history story. Alun Salt has more on it at Archaeoastronomy.

Mary Beard,"No Sex Please, We're Drunk: Rape Ancient and Modern," A Don's Life, 29 January, puts the issues in historical perspective.

Samuel G. Freedman,"History Teacher Becomes Podcast Celebrity," NY Times, 31 January, is the story of Lars Brownworth, a history teacher at the Stonybrook School. His podcasts, Twelve Byzantine Rulers, covering Byzantium's 1200 years, are heard by 140,000 listeners across the world and among the most popular on the net.

Miriam Burstein,"Scholars & Students: A Compendium of Professorial Magic," Little Professor, 30 January, scales the spells we work on our students' product.

Papers on blogging given by John Holbo, Bitch Ph.D., and Scott Eric Kaufman at the recent MLA convention; and Adam Kotsko,"Prolegomena to Any Future Meta-Blogging ...," The Weblog, 28 January, the most recent statement by blogging's premier theoretician.

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