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Jan 27, 2007 9:43 pm

Libertarian syllabi?

Dear L&P folks,

I'm interested in developing a course, "The Libertarian View in U.S. History," as a counterpart to our department's "Radical View" and "Conservative View" courses. Are there syllabi online? Anyone willing to share? The focus will be on intellectual history, although that could be broadened.

Thanks in advance.


Jonathan Bean

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Jonathan J. Bean - 1/29/2007

That would be great, Ken.

(At first, I thought your subject line read a "Curse on American Libertarianism" and never knew it stoked such fires!). LOL

As for the Objectivist college, I don't know what to make of it. I hope they are more open to discussing other classical liberal perspectives. Some Objectivist/Randian outfits have been, let us say, parochial (I'm being kind).

That being said, I saw the Duke professor present at a NAS conference and was intrigued though he didn't discuss Objectivism. I imagine the funding came from John Allyson (BB&T Foundation).

Jonathan J. Bean - 1/29/2007

Thanks, Mark, I'll check. I couldn't find their list of syllabi but remember it well.

Jonathan J. Bean - 1/29/2007



Kenneth R Gregg - 1/28/2007

I gave a course on "American Libertarianism 101" a couple of times here in Las Vegas, once at UNLV and once in the local community a few years ago. I know that some of the classes were transcribed and that I developed a syllabus for the course.

If I come across it, I'll email it to you. I taped the individual classes and should try to post them online. There was some interesting material based upon my own researches. I've always preferred to take a somewhat independent route in my studies, so the courses contained a lot of material not available elsewhere.

Just Ken

Jonathan Dresner - 1/28/2007

devoted to Objectivism... here

Mark Brady - 1/28/2007

Elaine Hawley, the librarian at the Institute for Humane Studies, keeps faculty syllabi on file. You might contact her to see if anyone has submitted something that's relevant for your purposes.

You might also consult Arthur A. Ekirch's books and Ralph H. Gabriel's The Course of American Democratic Thought both for the books themselves and also for the references those books contain.

James Otteson - 1/28/2007

Last year I taught an upper-level undergraduate seminar entitled "Capitalism and Morality." I would be happy to e-mail you the syllabus if you think it would be of help.