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Feb 9, 2004 12:30 pm

just a thought

As I was watching President Bush discuss his rational for going to war with Iraq I was struck by the utter lack of logic in his reasoning. Saddam was an evil guy and he had the means to get WMD. OK, perhaps this makes sense. Perhaps in some future world Saddam may have gotten WMD and then used them. But if we use the logic that Bush used, means and motivation, what does that say about the U.S.

Not that we need to be reminded, but the U.S. has thousands of tons of chemical weapons. Now we are destroying them in accordance with the international treaties on this matter, but we're waaay behind on it. Check out the the Chemical Weapons Working Group homepage . They are a non-profit organized by people who live near chemical weapons facilities. By the way, we've got 8 sites with four different types of weapons.

Furthermore, let's not suggest that the U.S. government is completely trustworthy on these matters. Check out this Salt Lake Tribune article on the government's secret experimentation on unwitting soldiers and sailors during the 1950's. Are we destroying all of our weapons? Since we have the means, by Bush's logic, do we deserve to be attacked? Just a thought.

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