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Feb 4, 2004 12:49 pm

Nanny Alert

1) Boston mayor says post Super Bowl rioting is the result of liberalized Sunday liquor laws.

2) The lifestyle Nazis at the Center for Science in the Public Interest want to ban the phrase"net carbs" from food labels. The argument from CSPI is that"a carb is a carb is a carb," and it's misleading to distinguish them.

Hidden agenda: This is a direct attack on the Atkins diet, which CSPI finds abominable. The only people to whom the"net carb" labeling is useful are Atkins dieters. The number reflects the total carbs in the foodstuff, minus those carbs that have no effect on insulin levels -- mainly sugar alcohols and fiber.

If anything,"net carbs" are a more specific form of labeling -- total carbs are still listed. You'd think that CSPI, an alleged consumer advocacy group, wouldn't have much problem with labels that give consumers more information, and that give certain consumers the exact information they're looking for -- namely, how a given item might affect blood sugar levels.

But not when more information might advance the agenda of that devil Atkins.

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