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Dec 19, 2006 11:13 pm

Quiz: Any other veep ever testify in court?

The NYT reports:"Cheney to Be Defense Witness in C.I.A. Leak Case."

And now the media want to know ... would Cheney be the first to testify in court while a sitting veep?

Anybody know?

I know of no other veep called to testify; Aaron Burr of course was indicted while a sitting veep for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

At least 8 presidents testified in court or answered questions put to them in a case under consideration by a court:

1. WHILE PRESIDENT: Jefferson was subpoened in the Aaron Burr case.

2. WHILE PRESIDENT: Monroe answered questions about a court martial case.

3. WHILE PRESIDENT: Grant filed a deposition in the case of his chief of staff, Orville Babcock, who was accused of fraud in the infamous Whiskey Ring. (Babcock was acquitted.)

4. WHILE PRESIDENT: Nixon answered questions put to him by lawyers for Ehrlichman. As an ex-president he testified before a grand jury investigating Watergate. He also testified on behalf of Mark Felt, who was later identified as Deep Throat.

5. WHILE PRESIDENT: Ford gave videotaped testimony in the trial of Squeaky Fromme.

6. WHILE PRESIDENT: Carter gave videotaped testimony against a Georgia state senator accused of corruption.

7. Reagan testified as an ex-president in the Iran-contra trial of Admiral Poindexter.

8. WHILE PRESIDENT: Bill Clinton testified before the grand jury convened by Kenneth Starr.

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