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Dec 14, 2006 12:54 pm

Inside Bush's Brain

Jim Baker says he's not going to go there. Doesn't ever try to put presidents on the couch.

That's a good thing. We Bushes especially don't like to be psychoanalysed. What man of action does?

Anyway, I don't even let Laura inside my head and I certainly am not about to let Baker.

Right now in any case would be about the worst time to invite a visitor to roam around up there.

I am a little confused.

I thought after 9/11 that I knew why God had put me here. It was to rid the world of terrorism and to remake the Middle East. It was to liberate the people of Afghanistan and Iraq.

I did just what I thought God wanted. But it's a mess.

Instead of liberating the Iraqis I've created a hell on earth for them. Even Afghanistan looks like it might go to hell.

Maybe God is just testing my resolve. That's what my gut tells me.

If this were easy he'd have picked a different messenger. But he picked me because I'm one tough sonofagun.

Serving the Lord isn't easy. For five thousand years He's put the Jews through hell.

They haven't stopped to question whether they were the chosen people or not. So I'm not going to question whether God put me here to carry out this mission.

Still, I'm a little confused because I thought that by now the Iraqis would be doing better than they are.

Did I misread God's messages?

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Bruno Mario Evans - 12/27/2006

Great reading!.

Nonpartisan - 12/16/2006

Just beautiful. A fantastic framing of just why Bush's unquestioning fealty to neocon beliefs is so ridiculous.