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Dec 12, 2006 6:58 pm

Hillary and Obama

Time for some unconventional wisdom.

It is certainly true that it would be historic if either Hillary or Obama became president. It is already noteworthy that these two--a woman and a black man--are the two leading candidates for the Democratic nomination.

But the chief hurdle each faces has little to do with either their gender or race.

Hillary's problem is that she's a Clinton. (It's also true that her chief attraction as a candidate is that she's a Clinton.)

Obama's chief problem is his lack of experience.

Is America ready for a Madame President? Or a black president? I assume the country is. But rather than cheer at the prospect I wonder what took us so long.

India had a female leader 40 years ago.
Israel 30 years ago.
Great Britain 20 years ago.

America, sad to say, is more conservative than these other countries on this issue.

History Factoid: Nearly half the states did not allow women on juries as late as the 1940s. Only in 1973 did the Supreme Court decide that women MUST be allowed to serve on juries.

Yes, this is a pretty conservative country.

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Stephen Kislock - 12/18/2006

None, for Governor and None for President!

The two canidates Clinton and Obama, are Educated. A MBA with W. Bush is an Oxymorom, look to the National Debt!

In 2000 it was $234 Billion, today it's $3.8 Trillion!