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Nov 30, 2006 2:48 pm

More on Hagel from Washington Post

I don't know if I'd ever vote for Chuck Hagel but, thus far, he is clearly the best candidate in a depressing presidential field. Here
is what David Ignatius has to say in the Washington Post:

What would make a Hagel candidacy interesting is that he can claim to have been right about Iraq and other key issues earlier than almost any national politician, Republican or Democratic. Though a Vietnam veteran and a hawk on many national security issues, he had prescient misgivings about the Iraq war -- and, more important, the political courage to express these doubts clearly, at a time when many politicians were running for cover.

Because of Hagel's misgivings about the military industrial complex, Igantius depicts him is an Eisenhower Republican. I hope he is wrong. A more hopeful comparison would be between Hagel and his fellow Nebraskan, Howard Buffett. Time will tell.

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