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Dec 1, 2006 4:33 pm

The Decider Has Decided

Will he or won't he change?

Well, now we have our answer.

The NYT reports: "Bush Dismisses Iraq Panel’s Pullback Plan."

As noted in an earlier blog, Bush faced two choices:

A. President Bush is basically an inflexible person. He will therefore remain comitted to the losing course he has chosen in Iraq and won't give up his goal of a democratic vision there. As he keeps saying, we will win as long as we have the will to win.

B. President Bush, worried about his legacy and the prospects of the Republican Party in 2008, will adopt the Baker-Hamilton commission recommendations, even if they radically change our goal and strategy, in the hope of ending the Iraq War in the next two years.

Assuming his announcment this morning is final, he's picked A.

Unfortunately, he's made the wrong choice.

We will suffer. Iraq will suffer.

And he will go down as one of the worse presidents in our history.

Note this date. It's a turning point.

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Darth Ted - 1/25/2007

Don't you mean he picked A?

HNN - 12/1/2006

Yes. Glad you caught that.

I have now fixed the text around the facts.