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Nov 29, 2006 12:38 pm

JLS 20.3: What Lies Within?

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In the newest issue (20.3) of the Journal of Libertarian Studies, Bertrand Lemennicier criticises game-theoretic defenses of the state; Carl Watner defends the effectiveness of organised nonviolent resistance as a response to military invasion; Barry Simpson compares Robert Lewis Dabney and Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the cultural effects of democracy; Walter Block and the late Milton Friedman (in what sadly turned out to be the last publication of Friedman’s lifetime) debate gradualist versus extremist approaches to libertarianism; Jan Lester takes issue with David Conway’s defense of liberal nationalism; Marcus Verhaegh raises worries about Jacob Levy’s “multiculturalism of fear”; and William Anderson praises Andrew Napolitano’s account of the decline of constitutional government.

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