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Nov 28, 2006 8:30 pm

Homage to Jimmy Cannon

(Legendary sportswriter Jimmy Cannon used to write an occasional column headed “Nobody Asked Me But,” in which he included a host of unrelated short items.)

There has to something wrong with a system of higher education when at least three local Detroit AM stations covered live the Michigan State University press conference introducing the new football coach. The university president made a statement about her new employee who, at one million plus, makes considerably more than she does.

Did all of Bob Woodward’s informants tape their conversations with Bush, Rumsfeld, and Powell? How else was he able to use the quotation marks that dominate his narrative?

I can’t remember a year during the Vietnam War that witnessed the publication of as many reputable journalistic histories as has been the case with Iraq during 2006.

How did Arnold Schwarzenegger win by such an impressive margin in California? Couldn’t the Democrats find a more attractive challenger than Angelides among the politicos in the state with the largest population? After all, the party did recruit Jon Tester, a most attractive candidate, in a state which ranks 44th in population.

I never thought I would be glad to see Robert Gates back in Washington.

If there were no Christmas, we would have to invent one for the sake of our economy.

How come blondes…..oops I must be channeling Jimmy Cannon.

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