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Jan 26, 2004


The guy in the White House may not be a libertarian, but Clint Eastwood is. In USA Weekend, Ol' Dirty Harry tells us:"I don't see myself as conservative, but I'm not ultra-leftist. ... I like the libertarian view, which is to leave everyone alone. Even as a kid, I was annoyed by people who wanted to tell everyone how to live."

And also unlike the guy in the White House, Clint adopts a laissez-faire view on same-sex marriages."From a libertarian point of view," says Clint,"you would say, 'Yeah? So what?' You have to believe in total equality. People should be able to be what they want to be and do what they want -- as long as they're not harming people."

What a simple and refreshing maxim to live by! Like I said here, who said actors know nothing about politics?

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