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Nov 15, 2006 8:47 pm

Soros Denies He Compared Bush to Hitler

GEORGE SOROS: [Y]ou know, I have also been accused of comparing Bush to a Nazi. And I did not do it. I would not do it, exactly because I have lived under a Nazi regime. So I know the difference. But how come that I'm accused of that?

WOLF BLITZER: Who accused you of that? SOROS: The Republican national commission, or whatever, and a number of newspaper articles. And I -- you know, I think I really -- I'm upset about being accused of that. And I'm upset that I have to defend myself against this kind of accusation.

BLITZER: The -- I think what -- the articles that I read suggested, because of your having lived through the Nazi era, you have a special responsibility to educate people who didn't live through that. And I think the suggestion -- at one point, you had made some sort of allusion to your own personal background in explaining why you were so critical of the president.

SOROS: That's exactly right.

And then that has been distorted that I'm comparing the president to a Nazi. I mean, that is absolutely out of


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