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These has been waiting in my mailbox.

Dear Dr.Klinghoff:

Hi, I'm an Iranian-American reader of your blog and I fully agree with you on all things reagarding the Islamic Repbulic of Opression. . .

I have recently read at that Mr. Vali Nasr has become an unofficial advisor to President Bush. I had also read about this man before in an article by Mr. Daniel Zucker who thinks he is a VEVAK member. Here is how he describes him:

"Smooth as glass is Dr. Vali Nasr, aka Dr. Sayeed Vali Reza Nasr, a professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, and the hottest commodity on the Iran commentators circuit today. Born in Iran, to the Iranian-American scholar Professor Sayeed Hossein Nasr with whom he has authored several classics on Shia doctrine and philosophy, Vali Nasr was reared in Scotland and the United States following the family's departure from Iran in 1979. Nasr's perpetual manta suggests that Iran and her Lebanese proxy Hizballah are too strong to oppose and so it is necessary for the United States and its allies to negotiate with both. In article after article, and repeated testimony before Congressional committees and the White House, Nasr beats the same drum: Iran is already too powerful for the U.S. to oppose because of its control of Iraq through the Shia militias and Lebanon through Hizballah; it would be better for this country to come to an accommodation with the current regime. It may be that Nasr has no connection to VEVAK, but it is curious as to why he never wavers from suggesting accommodation with a regime that caused his family's emigration from its homeland. Unfortunately our intelligence system has been in shambles ever since a massive CIA foul-up in 1989 resulted in the destruction of our espionage network in Iran. On the other hand, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been busy since day one of its existence in planting its agents in strategic locations here and around the world. It is hoped that this brief essay sheds enough light on the subject that those who are charged with protecting our nation's security begin to take appropriate notice and action. . . .

How could this man be an advisor to President Bush? I hope I haven't inconvenienced you by sharing my concern with you.

Kind Regards,

Your Blog Reader

Here is my blog:

Then there was this: from Sheema's blog:

Washington into making the Iranian Chalabi?

I recently heard that Dr. Vali Nasr has become the unofficial adviser to President Bush on issues related to Iran. First of all who is this person to advise anyone on Iran when he isn't truthful about his family finances. I can understand if someone doesn't want to discuss certain issues but once the person agrees to speak about something he shouldn't try to deceive his audience. The guy says his family had to start on nothing in the U.S.. His father was the head of an office or something during Pahlavi's regime. It's not like they had to leave Iran on hand and foot, and start over on zero dime! Unlike Laura Rozen and her ridicules article on Amir Abbas Fakhravar, the Iranian Chalabi is not the young Fakhravar, born to a struggling middleclass family whose crime was writing a children book and is nowhere close to Chalabi. If anyone has any similarities to the banker millionaire is this Vali Nasr! By the way do you know what was Dr. Nasr's honorarium and expenses for 1 ½-2 hour program consisting of a Q&A and book signing?

Something clearly is amiss.

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