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Nov 8, 2006 6:31 am

Is Chuck Hagel The GOP's Best Hope To Hold the White House?

After their well-deserved electoral beating, the Republicans might finally begin some soul searching on their present course. They may event take a second look at the presidential campaign of Senator Chuck Hagel .

A Vietnam veteran and pioneer in the cellular phone industry, Hagel has long been a thoughtful Iraq War skeptic. His free market credentials are pretty solid (for a Republican), especially when compared to Giuliani, McCain, and Mitt"government mandated insurance" Romney. Here is a blog which is promoting Hagel's campaign for president.

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David T. Beito - 11/8/2006

Fascinating. He may not want to stress the fall of man but he does seem to be familiar with the good old Calvinist value of prudence. The more I learn about Hagel the more I like him.....though he is no libertarian.

Flato Saavetra Morena - 11/8/2006

Philosophers on this list might be interested to know that Hagel is also a direct descendant of the Hegel, or so I read several years ago in an article about him. Would a Hagel presidency promote the fall of man as necessary for the evolution of the universe? Sounds like a campaign theme...