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Nov 3, 2006 3:39 pm

More Noted Things

With deep gratitude for his life and work, and in many languages, the history and anthropology blogosphere notes the passing of Clifford Geertz. See, for example: BobfromBrockley, Chiqueiro Chique, Concurring Opinions, Crooked Timber, Early Modern Notes, Historianess, Open University, RELatividad, Savage Minds, Tapera, They Shoot Poets -- Don't They, Jeff Weintraub and somanymore.

Scott McLemee's"The High and the Low," Inside Higher Ed, 1 November, looks back on the work of Lawrence W. Levine.

Rebecca Goetz has a guest-post at Mark Grimsley's Blog Them Out of the Stone Age,"What Happens When Non-Military Historians Teach Military History?" And the answer is:"students and instructor alike learn a lot from the experience." Among other things, it extends the conversation that Mark has been having with John Miller of National Review and Phi Beta Cons.

On the lighter side, our friends over at Lawyers, Guns, and Money take note of The Cliopatria Awards. It's"not as good as winning a mayonnaise-eating contest, but it's better than a bowling trophy," vows David Noon, who used to put mayonnaise on his ice cream. There ought to be some sort of reward for that. Noon also wants an award for the"Most Convincing Exploration of the Asshattery of Victor Davis Hanson," but he will have to compete with David Beito at Liberty & Power, Chris Bray in Reason, eb at No Great Matter, and – er – me for that one.

But since I am essentially ineligible for any of The Cliopatria Awards, this may be the place to acknowledge that my man, Mr. Sun! has opened"a can of whoop-ass" on me. I may have to settle for that. As Invisible Adjunct used to say,"I'd like to thank the Academy ...."

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David H. Noon - 11/3/2006

OK. Bray wins. Wow. But that was from 2002, so I don't know if it should count....