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Dec 3, 2006 1:07 am

2006 Cliopatria Awards Nominations: BEST POST

2006 Nominations are Now Closed, thanks.
Look for the winners in January!

Please submit, in comments below, your nominations for the best blog post by historians or about history published since 1 December 2005. [registration not required to post nominations, but the usual rules of civility and conduct still apply] Nominations will be accepted from November 1st through 30th.

Please include a URL for the post(s). You many nominate as many posts as you wish in this category, and you may nominate individual blogs or bloggers in other categories as well.

If you want ideas of blogs or writers to nominate, see the History Blogroll or past editions of the History Carnival or itsrelatedcarnivals.

Bloggers do not need to be academic historians. If you're not sure whether a blog or blogger qualifies as"history," nominate them anyway and the judges will make a final determination. If you have questions, feel free to contact the chair of the committee:

Judging Committee: Alan Allport (chair), Ben Brumfield, Martha Bridegam. [Judges are ineligible to win awards they are judging, but feel free to nominate them for something else!]

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Jonathan Dresner - 12/1/2006

Thanks for all the suggestions! Look for the winners at Cliopatria in January!

Jonathan Dresner - 11/29/2006

Most of what I was thinking of nominating from other blogs is already here, so I'll do the immodest thing.

Alan Baumler
"The World Before Google"

"Arita Drug & Rubber Goods, Kobe?" by me

"That 9.11 Incident"

"The Other Apprentice"
My review of Scooter Libby's book

"Coloniology" (also

"Menzies and the problem of the 'Smoking Gun' document"

Rob MacDougall - 11/26/2006

Caleb's Halfway House, on abolition and nuclear disarmament.

Rob MacDougall - 11/26/2006

And, come to think of it, Manan's Polyglot Manifesto.

Nonpartisan - 11/15/2006

I have three nominations to make:

1) This diary by Lorraine is one of the best and most moving posts I've ever read online. It's called The Word, and it's about the Armenian holocaust. It's the kind of story I'd recommend everyone read, whether you're on the voting committee or not. It's just that good. It was also cross-posted at My Left Wing and CultureKitchen.

2) Real History Lisa's A Brief History of Labor is just that: an excellent, impeccably-researched, yet accessible history of the American labor movement. Also posted at Real History Blog.

3) Choosing one of Aphra Behn's post was my greatest challenge in making nominations, as they're all so uniformly superb. I finally decided to go with her biography of her namesake, An Evening with the Real Aphra Behn, which gets the nod because of its superior research and vast scope. (Also cross-posted at Daily Kos.)

Thanks for your consideration!


Sharon Howard - 11/14/2006

Barbara Dundas - 11/9/2006

The 7th Book of Remembrance ( is a powerful post about the feelings of a government historian who is working on a project that matters to him and to Canadians in general.

In the interest of disclosure, I will confess to being married to the author but since he could have nominated himself but is too modest to do so, I think it's okay that I write this.

Alun Salt - 11/8/2006

Link, and a very good article.

William J Turkel - 11/7/2006

In this thoughtful essay, John raises the problems posed for Wikipedia by the fact that national and language boundaries don't often coincide.

Rob MacDougall - 11/7/2006

I think I've already made my own feelings clear about Patahistory's Patahistory Manifesto - so I nominate it (Dave's post, not my own) for consideration.

Marc A. Comtois - 11/6/2006

I nominate James McCormick's World War Zero post.

Michael - 11/4/2006

The Dominion of British West Florida and Tips for Creating an American Separatist Cause by Miland Brown at

Satire and history together make a memorable post as evidenced by four blog carnivals picking this post up.

Alex - 11/1/2006

Politically Incorrect Guide to American History Amazon Review at Jon Swift

Alun Salt - 11/1/2006

This one's from December 2005. An unpleasant surprise is about the history you find when you're trying to write another history. What is history and what isn't? It's the sort of thing that wouldn't be a paper, but is well worth reading and discussing and shows why you'd want to have a blog.