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Oct 22, 2006 3:53 am

Sunday Notes

Carnivalesque XX, an early modern edition, is up at Henrik's Recent Finds.

Elizabeth Grant at AHA Today recommends the Best of History Web Sites. It's an excellent source of reference.

Jacob Bronowski on science and the importance of doubt. Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the tip.

Keith Olbermann's Special Commentary on George W. Bush's suspension of habeas corpus. Thanks to Eric Muller at Is That Legal? for the tip.

My virtual son, Michael de la Merced, has the headline story,"A Student's Video Résumé Gets Attention (Some of It Unwanted)," NYTimes, 21 October, on Yale's Aleksey Vayner. Vayner's apparently preparing legal action against the public disclosure of his job application. My other virtual son, Chris Richardson, is visiting the Great Wall of China this week. I have nothing comparable to report.

Finally, on Wednesday 1 November, nominations will open for The Cliopatria Awards, 2006. Nominations for the Best Individual Blog, Best Group Blog, Best New Blog, Best Post, Best Series of Posts, and Best Writer will be open through November. The eligibility time-frame for the Awards is 1 December 2005 through 30 November 2006. Nominations will be judged during December. Winners will be announced at the 4th Annual Banquet of the Cliopatricians at the AHA convention in Atlanta and, subsequently, here at Cliopatria in early January. Here are last year's winners.

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Oscar Chamberlain - 10/24/2006

I had forgotten just how good Bronowski was. That clip also reminds me of the high level of "Ascent of Man." It made effective use of visuals, but it did not use them to pander.