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Oct 1, 2006 6:02 pm


Advertising had an enormous impact on U.S. culture in the 20th century. And the study of advertisements, advertisers, and advertising campaigns has become a major area of inquiry for American cultural historians.

This easily navigated site presents images and database information for more than 7,000 advertisements printed primarily in the United States from 1911 to 1957. The advertisements are divided into five subjects areas: Radio, including radio parts, telephones, and electronics; Television; Transportation, including airlines, buses, railroads, and ships; Beauty and Hygiene, including cosmetics, soaps, shaving supplies, and feminine hygiene; and World War II, including v-mail, war bond, and anti-inflation drives. All images are accompanied by full bibliographic source data and brief overview essays of the history of each genre are included. The ads are searchable by keyword, type of illustration, and special features. A timeline from 1915 to 1955 provides general context for the ads with a chronology of major events. Additionally, there is a bibliography listing 17 studies on advertising and nine links to information on other advertising collections. This site is an outstanding archive of primary documents for students of consumer and popular culture.

Read a more in-depth review written by George Mason University Professor Kelly Schrum at Or explore other website reviews at

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