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Sep 29, 2006 5:59 pm

History Is

Jeremy at Clioweb claims that “History is a Perpetual Beta.” I said, History is in need of Constant Patches and Updates.

Since, History also needs to be on your computer desktop, Jeremy has a flickr group up where you can add your own creations.

Or you can just tell us what you think History is in the comments. And we will put the cheekiest one up for you.

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Jonathan Dresner - 10/1/2006

...pure, simple, helpful, or always on our side.

chris l pettit - 9/30/2006

written by the powerful and the victors, manipulated by the ideological, seen as a series of individual events by the ignorant, and misunderstood by most everyone...including those "scholars' who purport to be "experts" in it.

Mark Grimsley - 9/29/2006

a great racket if you can get it.

Jonathan Dresner - 9/29/2006

...shades of gray. Not all one shade of gray, mind you. Lots of shades of gray, preferably changing color depending on what angle you look at it from.

I don't see that working as a desktop, but you're welcome to try.