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Sep 21, 2006 12:44 am

Insurgents in "Liberated Iraq" Become More Popular

"Liberated Iraq" continues to live up to its growing reputation as an incubator for fundamentalists, suicide bombers, fascists, and assorted Iranophiles. Even the most dogged publicizers of"good news" in Iraq will have difficulty spinning this, though, no doubt, they will give it their very best try:

A confidential Pentagon assessment finds that an overwhelming majority of Iraq's Sunni Muslims support the insurgency that has been fighting against U.S. troops and the Iraqi government, ABC News has learned.

Officials won't say how the assessment was made but found that support for the insurgency has never been higher, with approximately 75 percent of the country's Sunni Muslims in agreement.

When the Pentagon started surveying Iraqi public opinion in 2003, Sunni support for the insurgents stood at approximately 14 percent.

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