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Sep 17, 2006 8:22 pm

John Yoo: Drinking the Koolaid

Don't miss John Yoo's NYT op ed, excerpted on HNN:

It's hilarious.

The presidency, he contends, was weakened in Watergate. Thanks to President Bush, it's now once again strong and resiliant.

Actually ...

President Bush has weakened the presidency in ways that will haunt his successors.

Long after he vacates 1600 Pa Ave. they will be dealing with Iraq. That will limit their ability to initiate foreign policies of their own. For years and years we will be dealing with his foreign policy mistakes in the same way that presidents for years and years had to deal with LBJ's.

The military is also weaker as a result of Mr. Bush's misguided policy in Iraq. And that will limit his successors' ability to deploy our forces.

Because Mr. Bush has overreached Congress and th courts are in a mood to clip the wings of the presidency. If Mr. Cheney took the time to study the institution he seems to spend so much time "protecting" he would know that.

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