Sep 25, 2006 1:46 pm


Sarah, a moderate Muslim, sent me the text of a widley circulated post adding:"I didn't say it, it is from the horse's mouth. What an ugly, ugly reality when the only unifying criteria is hate and negativity. What a huge insult to this person's own faith, and humanity."

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In the name of Allaah the most beneficient the most merciful

Assalam u alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu,

Bush has his own Dictionary different from us. The words 'terrorism and fascist' have lost their original meaning. We understand why Bush and his gangs were nervous about the emerging global power of Islam but it is not something they can contained. Recognition of God includes belief in things that are pre-determined. War is ugly but Allah reminded us that we may dislike a thing that is better for us and like something that is not good for us. War can break soul yet at the same time is the best unifying tool. Nothing best UNIFY muslims politically than HATRED FOR ISRAEL and now US. . . .

May peace and justice reign soon, ameen.



(Moderator Note: It is amazing that Muslims gave their unlfinching support for Hizbullah, knowing that they are a shiah organisation. There is no doubt that the israelis are an enemy but no sane upright person should consider the Shiah as a part of the Muslims. As they have been treacherous towards the Muslims (Sunnis) in so many instances in histroy starting with their betrayal of Hussain (alaihisalam). Thats right the man they are so crazy over and beat themselves for every year, is a man they betrayed. Although they are Muslims and we do not classify them except as a sect, the scholars of Shiah are unanamiously agreed to be kuffaar following another religion than Islam. Although we should commend them for their fighting and their bravey, we should not support them unconditionally)

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