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Sep 6, 2006 2:02 am

Things Noted Here and There

Philip Jenkins,"Downward, Outward, Later," Books & Culture, September/October, reviews the first three published volumes of Cambridge University Press's new nine volume history of Christianity.

Al Zambone,"It Wasn't Really About Whiskey," Books & Culture, September/October, reviews William Hogeland, The Whiskey Rebellion: George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and the Frontier Rebels Who Challenged America's Newfound Sovereignty. Zambone is a blogger and a doctoral candidate at Oxford whose dissertation is on the Anglican Enlightenment in colonial Virginia.

John Noble Wilford,"An Abolitionist Leads the Way in Unearthing of Slaves' Past," NY Times, 5 September, reports on archaeological study on Maryland's Wye Plantation, where Frederick Douglass was a slave as a child.

Niall Ferguson,"The Nation That Fell to the Earth," Time, 11 September, is the issue's cover story. (Subscriber only) Do you get the impression that Ferguson is underexposed? Thanks to Manan Ahmed for the tip.

Finally, we report very few of the many historical conferences that are held every year in the United States and abroad, but History in the Digital Age, at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, on 21-22 September, is a noteworthy exception. Thanks to Manan Ahmed for the tip.

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