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Aug 23, 2006 6:42 pm

Cincinnati Historian Found Guilty of Plagiarism

An internal investigating committee at the University of Cincinnati has found Don Heinrich Tolzmann guilty of plagiarism in his book, The German-American Experience. After reviewing charges first made three years ago on H-Ethnic, the committee has recommended that Tolzmann be dismissed as a faculty member in the University's German Studies Department and as director of its German-American Studies Program. Tolzmann promises to meet with University officials in mid-September about the matter and to fight the charges vigorously. Thanks to David Merkowitz for the tip.

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David J Merkowitz - 8/24/2006

Oh God no...that wouldn't be good at all...I was much better trained than plagiarism here...

Marc A. Comtois - 8/24/2006

I think it's a sign of my viewing the historical field through a blogging lens when my first thought when seeing the blog post heading was that Ralph was referring to the blogger Cincinnati Historian (David Merkowitz)! I was "relieved" to see that it was a Historian at the University of Cincinnati and not a fellow blogger.