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Aug 14, 2006 2:07 pm

LvMI in the WSJ

Congratulations to the Mises Institute for this great write-up in the Wall Street Journal! An excerpt:

The Mises Institute counts free-marketers from more than 30 states and at least 23 countries among its faculty. Its students' homes are equally far-flung: Poland, Peru, Argentina, Canada, France and China this summer alone."Every one of them is an idealist in a very courageous way," Mr. Tucker said."A lot of people think it's silly to be an idealist these days. But Mises always taught that ideas are the only weapons we have against despotism."

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Stephan Kinsella - 8/14/2006

This is great and important recognition of the fantastically productive work the Mises Institute does at spreading the message of liberty and free markets.

As Jeff Tucker notes here (, however,

the Mises Institute has never sought this kind of attention. If it were an institutional priority to maximize citations in prestige venues, the editorial policy here would be very different indeed. What we have here is a very thoughtful journalist who saw that something very special was going on here and wanted to report on it. If it garners more attention for the writers and scholars here, and energizes the students who come to our offices, it's all to the good.

It did generate a good response and blog posts such as The South's libertarianism; Auburnomics; and here on Rofasix.