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Aug 3, 2006 1:51 pm

Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project

Abraham Lincoln, who led the United States through the Civil War – the country’s most trying years – and emancipated the slaves in the South, is consistently rated by both historians and the public as one of the greatest American presidents. More has been written about Lincoln than about any other president.

This site offers historical materials from Abraham Lincoln's years in Illinois (1831-1860). Primary materials not only depict Lincoln's experiences and activities, but they also illustrate the broader social, cultural, and political events in Illinois during that period. Materials include more than 2,300 transcriptions of text documents, including correspondence, speeches, treaties, and other official papers; 295 images of Lincoln, his family, friends, and associates, as well Illinois towns, homes, and businesses; and 63 sound recordings of songs from Lincoln's political campaigns and the Civil War and antebellum periods. There are more than 150 video presentations from scholars of Lincoln and the antebellum period. The primary sources are grouped into eight historical themes such as politics and economic development, each with a background essay, a slideshow, maps, videos, and a bibliography. A section on Lincoln’s biography offers scholarly overviews, an image gallery, selected primary sources, and bibliographies for eight periods of his life prior to the presidency. The “Teacher’s Parlor” has 15 lesson plans related to the themes examined on the site. This site is easy to use, searchable by keyword and name, and is ideal for students and teachers interested in Lincoln's life and antebellum Illinois history.

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Geoff Elliott - 11/20/2007

Thank you very much for this information. It will be invaluable to those of us who research Lincoln's life.