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Jul 12, 2006 9:42 am

A Call for Symposium

I am especially excited to announce that our sixth symposium, Comparing Empires, will be held on Monday, July 17th. We will be discussing Bernard Porter's British and American 'Imperialisms' Compared. Prof. Porter has graciously provided this essay, which presents some of the ideas from his latest book Empire and Superempire : Britain, America and the World, for our discussion here.

Cliopatricians participating in the symposium should send their contributions to manan*at*uchicago*dot*edu by Sunday the 16th. I will post the symposium on Monday, July 17th.

Contributions from other bloggers are genuinely welcomed at their own blogs. Please send me a link to your post and I will include it in the symposium post. If any of our distinguished historians who do not have a blog wish to email me their contribution, I would be happy to include them. Our desire is to have as broad a discussion as possible.

As usual, we are hoping that Prof. Porter will be able to respond to the symposium at his discretion.

Our past Symposia.

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