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Jul 6, 2006 1:10 pm

Public History Review

Public History Review is an annual journal published in Sydney, Australia. It arose out of discussions between members of the Professional Historians Association NSW and other historians about the need for a public face for public history. What is public history? Briefly it is the product of trained historians whose work takes them into a range of different areas where historical skills are a vital component of the work - including museums, commissioned histories, government, schools, community projects, heritage consultancies, research, film, radio and television.

The journal aims firstly to provide a public forum for historians working in these diverse areas who wish to reflect on their practice or comment on historical representations by others. We also welcome contributions by archaeologists, architects, journalists and others who extend our knowledge of how history operates and is used in the community. Finally we want to inform and challenge, to articulate the tensions between theory and practice.

The Public History Review is published by the Professional Historians Association NSW Inc. The Professional Historians Association NSW Inc (PHA NSW) is the organisation representing qualified historians who are professionally employed or commissioned to undertake historical work. Its members are historians who wish to further the development of professional standards in the practice of professional history.

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