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Jun 27, 2006 4:18 pm

Reason Papers volume 28

Update on Reason Papers no. 28: The print shop is working on correcting the error I mentioned here, and I hope to be able to send out copies to the subscribers soon. Meanwhile, those of you who aren’t subscribers should feel free to start sending in your orders. Ordering info is here. Also meanwhile, with some timely tech assistance from Stephan Kinsella and David Veksler (thanks guys!), I have resolved the website maintenance problems I encountered the other day, so the main RP website has been updated. That means, also, that all of RP 26 is now available for free download.
RP 28 is a special issue on war and liberty, 90% of which was guest-edited by Carrie-Ann Biondi and Irfan Khawaja, and it looks great. It predominantly features a symposium on Angelo Codevilla's No Victory, No Peace (and a future issue will include his reply), and it also includes the proceedings of the 2003 AAPSS symposium on war and liberty, which featured papers by myself and by L&P co-blogger Roderick Long (and which I’ve been promising L&P readers I’d make available – now done!) Rounding out the war section is an essay by Timothy Sandefur on the Civil War. RP 28 also includes part 2 of the 2-part Walter Block opus which began in RP 27. The book section features reviews of Roger Kimball’s book on art and Hilary Putnam’s book on the fact/value dichotomy, plus a longer essay by Steven Sanders on Stephen Hicksbook on postmodernism. While you’ll have to buy the issue to see most of this without waiting, there are a few pieces available for free download now. Big thanks to Stephan Kinsella for mad skillz with the PDFs.

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