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Jun 23, 2006 8:21 pm

Desperados, Why Don't You Come to Your Senses?

I have a post over at Cato@Liberty about the Right's attempt to justify the war on the basis of 500 pre-Gulf-War artillery shells with degraded mustard and sarin gas. I liked Clark Stooksbury's snark better.

I have a feeling that this war is going to be for the Right what the Alger Hiss case was for the Left. Twenty years from now, they're still going to be trolling through the online docs, occasionally seizing on one of them and screaming"You see? You see?!" to an audience of 12.

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Sheldon Richman - 6/24/2006

Pathetic, is the word for it. Good post, Gene.

Aeon J. Skoble - 6/24/2006

I prefer the Joe Walsh period, but de gustibus....

Keith Halderman - 6/24/2006

By orders of magnitude the Eagles' best album.

Jason T. Kuznicki - 6/24/2006

Just think if those weapons had fallen into the hands of terrorists. There'd have been a funny smell in the air, and some people might have taken ill.

I'm so glad our military is keeping us safe from threats like that.