Jun 22, 2006 12:52 am


Garlasco admits he cannot disprove Israeli findings. Also, the shrapnel Dr. Bayme removed is being further examined.

Meanwhile Monday, The Post learned that the IDF was currently inspecting a second piece of shrapnel doctors had retrieved from one of the Palestinians wounded in the blast and currently being treated at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba. A first piece of shrapnel, examined by the IDF as well as by an independent academic institute in Beersheba was found to not have come from a 155 mm shell, the type used in IDF artillery attacks on Kassam launch sites in the Gaza Strip. The second piece of shrapnel, sources said, was currently being examined in an IDF lab.

Garlasco told Klifi during the meeting that he was impressed with the IDF's system of checks and balances concerning its artillery fire in the Gaza Strip and unlike Hamas which specifically targeted civilians in its rocket attacks, the Israelis, he said, invested a great amount of resources and efforts not to harm innocent civilians.

"We do not believe the Israelis were targeting civilians." Garlasco said."We just want to know if it was an Israeli shell that killed the Palestinians."

In other words, Israel is vindicated. Garlasco's shameless behavior and anti-Israeli stance led him to rush to shill for Hamas and further undermined HRW's credibility!

Just as, if not more important, will MSM report his backtracking as widely as they have reported his earlier blackening of Israel's good name. Let's watch and see.

Jerry Gordon questions his qualifications and Bruce Kesler calls on HRW to demonstrate their accountability by firing Garlasco.

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