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Jun 8, 2006 7:03 pm

Stromberg on Land Theft: Now Online

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I’m back from Scotland! But more about that later.

Joseph Stromberg’s excellent 1995 article “English Enclosures and Soviet Collectivization: Two Instances of an Anti-Peasant Mode of Development,” which appeared in the first (and alas only) issue of Sam Konkin’s journal The Agorist Quarterly, has been getting some attention in the left-libertarian blogosphere lately (see, e.g., here and here). Stromberg explores the illuminating parallels between what are often thought of as very disparate events (since one is supposed to be a black mark for “capitalism” and the other for “socialism,” whatever exactly those terms mean).

I thought the article deserved a wider audience, particularly in light of the ongoing debate among libertarians concerning land reform and the “subsidy of history.” So with Stromberg’s kind permission, I’ve placed it online on the Molinari Institute site. Check it out here.

The other articles in that issue are worth reading also, so I’m going to try to get permission from the various authors to post the whole issue. Thus far I’ve gotten approval from E. Scott Royce and Jared C. Lobdell (for their articles “The Black Market Response to Rationing During World War II” and “Old Rightists and Old Writers,” respectively); waiting to hear from the others. Watch this space ....

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Sergio Alejandro Méndez - 6/10/2006

This article is more than welcome. Thanks profesor Long.

Sheldon Richman - 6/10/2006

Great news, Roderick. Stromberg's paper is very important.

William Marina - 6/10/2006

You have done yeoman work in making this piece
available. with links, on the Internet.
Bill Marina