Dec 27, 2003 1:43 am


Ah, you've got to love the great respect Republicans have for democracy, don't you? The recall vote for Gray Davis is now going to happen.

The fellow who bankrolled this effort, indicted-for-felony-car-theft-three-times-but-never-convicted Darrell Issa, announced yesterday,"It's a done deal." And, since I suspect Issa has made many deals (and probably the majority of them were actually legal), he knows what he's talking about.

BTW, isn't it hilarious how Republicans talk and talk about character and then have extremely seedy folks like Issa as officeholders and dealmakers in their party?

You also have to love how Republicans in the California legislature are manipulating the $39B budget shortfall by refusing to make a deal to solve it so they can make Davis look bad.

If the Republicans nominate an actual Republican to run against Davis, Davis won't lose. In fact, it won't even be close. California comes about its image as being a bit loony honestly -- at least in the political department. Their Democrats certainly are more lefty liberal than most Democrats nationwide and, correspondingly, their Republicans are often more right-wing than Republicans nationwide (which is honestly saying something). Anyone remember Bob Dornan? All of this means that, in a state a bit to the left of center overall, an actual conservative Republican doesn't really stand a chance in a statewide election.

Now if they try some gimmick like nominating a movie star or someone who isn't really a Republican, they might have a shot. However, Schwarzenegger might be a bad call judging from his performances in political rallies the last few days. He looks pretty inarticulate in public. Heck, he sometimes is so far out there he can't remember Gray Davis's name!

Well, at least it will be interesting to watch, won't it?

And we can all think to ourselves,"I thought my state was a basket case. I guess there's one state that's worse now."

(My last blog entry on this is here.)

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