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Jun 5, 2006 5:28 pm

IRAN THE MODEL (Egypt and Malaysia)

Glenn Reynolds correctly points out that the recent crack down on bloggers is reflective of the weakness of the Mubarak regime. Fear, argued the soon to be arrested blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah, is gone."Egyptians are determined to express themselves more freely and to criticize their leaders," asserts none other than Gamal Nkruma. Just note the following personally derogatory comment about Mubarak fils published in Al-Dostour:

If we believe the explanation of the Egyptian ambassador to the United States, that Gamal Mubarak's presence in Washington was in order to renew his flying licence, then perhaps he popped in to see President Bush to waive the fine for traffic violations.

The problem is that Islamists lead the charge and Iran is the model. If you want to see a harbinger of things to come study women's clothing. Until the 1980s, headscarfs were worn in the villages. In the eighties, students began to wear them as a visible signs of their political/religious stance. Currently, the veil is taking over Egypt for real. Veiled Barbis are but symptoms of the trend.

One of Egypt's biggest stars who used to look sexy reportedly decided to wear it:

The demure Turk had considered veiling after comedian Alaa Walieddin passed away in 2004."Why doesn't the Egyptian cinema veil like the Iranian cinema?" Turk was also quoted as wondering in Nahdat Misr.

In other words, cool Turk wants Egypt to follow in Iran's footsteps.

Iran envy is evident even in Malaysia. Build own arms, Muslims urged by none other than Malaysia's founding father and Jewish conspiracy expert, Mahathir Mohamad.

It is high time Muslims built their own brand of weaponry for mass protection, said former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

They should not depend on weapons created by others, as the enemy could easily penetrate their defence system if it knew the weaknesses in the"imported" systems, he said.

"To enhance our own defence capabilities, we must build our own brand of sophisticated weapons," he added.

Weapons the Muslims could learn to make included pistols, rockets, fighter aircraft and cannons, Dr Mahathir said.

"Not that we (Muslims) want to attack others, but we need to protect our ummah (masses)," he said, adding that it was a religious obligation to strengthen defence capabilities.

After all, only a few weeks ago, the Iranian news agency boasted that"The US CNN TV Network has admitted the support voiced by leaders of Muslim nations towards Iran's nuclear program." A Malaysia determined to compete with the West, is not going to let Iran get ahead of her.

Similarly, the fate of Malaysian minorities is beginning to resemble their fate in Arab countries. One can hear in the ongoing destruction of Hindu temples the unpleasant echo of the Taliban. For as Baradan Kuppusamy explains, in Malaysia Temple Demolitions Spell Creeping Islamisation

Hundreds of worshippers watched in horror as the workers, mostly Muslims, brought down the roof, pushed down the walls and smashed the deities that immigrant Indian workers had brought with them from South India to provide solace in a strange new land.

"We are poor and our only comfort is our temples and now we are losing that also," Kanagamah said in Tamil, the language spoken by ethnic Indians who form eight percent of Malaysia's 26 million people and mostly follow Hinduism.

Indians are economically backward and politically weak compared to Malays who comprise 50 percent of the population and dominate decision making at every level. Ethnic Chinese, who make up another 24 percent, enjoy economic clout and dominate business activity.

Over the years, local authorities have been regularly demolishing temples saying the structures were built illegally. Most were small wayside shrines.

However, in recent years, several large 100-year-old temples, built during the British colonial era, were demolished not just because they stood in the way of development but simply because they were classified as"illegal structures."

But the rich Chinese are not fairing better.

''Non-Muslims increasingly feel alien in their country of birth," said Tian Chua, a senior leader in the opposition Peoples Justice Party told IPS."Unlike before, under Prime Minister Abdullah, there is an increasing tendency for Malays to rally around Islam -- it is a worrying trend."

"There's a creeping Islamisation in our society and this poses a danger to our secular, multi-religious and multi-racial country," said opposition leader Lim Kit Siang.

Indeed, it is and where Malaysia goes, Indonesia is sure to follow. It is difficult to overestimate the dangers of"Iran, the Model."

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