Jun 3, 2006 1:04 pm


Rice's Reversal On Iran Policy Irks Santorum reports Eli Lake. Why? Because Santorum"has sponsored legislation that would commit funds to Iran's student organization and labor unions and has met with Mr. Atri." This is what Atri had to say:

What is important to us is the support of the international organizations as well as governments for the people of Iran for their rights. We express our regret for any policy that weakens that sentiment for Iranians that will not support the people of Iran and their struggle for democracy and human rights.

I believe what the Islamic Republic wants from these negotiations is a promise of security. This means that the United States and others would have to give up even their verbal support for democrats in Iran.

Santorum also heard from the Iranian opposition, those people who are putting their lives on the line:

People from Iran called me and asked what this meant. But when I saw the specific statement and the conditions from Condoleezza Rice, I knew that this would never be accepted by the Islamic Republic. I told my friends in Tehran that this was a response to America's policy being criticized by Europe, China, and Russia.

The danger that worries Atri is the same that worries administration skeptics:

"If this is what it takes to get Russia and China to join in sanctions, so be it. . . But I am most concerned that we will end up renegotiating with ourselves again."

And negotiations have already started. This is how The Christian Science Monitor ends its analysis:

Some observers see parallels between the US offer to join multilateral talks with Iran and similar, though stalled, talks with North Korea. Mr. Kimball notes that the US did not insist that North Korea first cease its plutonium operations - and did hold out the enticement of eventual security guarantees if Pyonyang agreed to give up nuclear arms.

In other words, the following days will be made not only by Mullahs but also by reporters that to show good faith the US needs to make even more concessions. Otherwise the concessions already made would be considered mere propaganda. Note the following FOX NEWS headline: Iran Welcomes Call for Dialogue, Rejects Precondition.

If I were an Iranian dissident, I would put my trust in Ahmadinejad's rejectionism and remember Churchill's saying:"Americans always do the right thing after they have tried everything else."

Steve Schippert asks us not to worry.

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