May 31, 2006 3:52 pm


Yes, there are some.
Bush meets with Amir Taheri. I cannot imagine a person more fit to brief him on Iran. Frieda notes that this picture suggests that very few people/students showed up at Atomic Energy in the conference for Nuclear Technology yesterday. Compare this picture with the picture of the speaker which give the impression that that ten thousands are listening to him. Memri continues its report on the power struggle in the country.

"Israel 20th in domestic economic strength." In other words, the relentless Arab attempt to undermine Israel through wars, terror and boycotts failed. When all said and done, in the contest between the culture of life and the culture of death, the culture of life wins. It is a lesson for those waging a war on the US. In its editorial "Boycutts and Bias"The New York Sun sums it up well.

We've given up trying to analyze what would lead otherwise intelligent-seeming people to spurn the one free democracy in the Middle East while insisting on subsidizing the chaotic quasi-entity next door that, of late, is governed by a terrorist faction. Saudi Arabia's action can be attributed to naked anti-Semitism, while the union members and professors are guilty of misguided progressivism that arrives at the same result as naked anti-Semitism. The British academics are both European and academics, two categories with a lamentable tendency to anti-Israelism.

The ADL is advocating an American boycott of academics who advocate boycotts of Israel. The ADL's national director, Abraham Foxman, says,"Those who advocate a boycott single out Israel for condemnation while ignoring massive and genuine human rights violations all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and the Sudan, to name just a few." For now, those boycotting Israel will deprive themselves of Teva pharmaceuticals, Gottex swimsuits, the novels of Amos Oz and Aharon Appelfeld, and the research of Nobel laureate Hebrew University economist Robert Aumann. As Israel's economy and culture flourishes and innovates while Europe, Canada, and Saudi Arabia slump into stagnation, sooner or later the boycotters may come to realize it is their loss.

"AUT does not endorse this (boycott) policy and is strongly advising its members not to implement it."

The International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom (IAB) of which I am a memebr issued a press release Commends the AUT for its Decision not to Endorse the NATFHE Boycott Resolution"

The International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom (IAB) at Bar Ilan University, Commends the Association of University Teachers (AUT), UK, for its decision not to endorse the NATFHE boycott resolution, and for strongly advising its members not to implement it.

The Association of University Teachers (AUT), UK announced today, May 30 2006, that it does not endorse the NATFHE resolution inviting members to consider boycotting Israeli academics under certain circumstances. The AUT also advised its members not to implement the resolution, stating that" This tactic is fraught with difficulties and dangers and should not be followed by AUT members".

The IAB calls on UK academics and the members of NAFTHE to join the AUT's recommendation and to engage in open discussion and, if need be, even debate with representatives of Israeli universities and academic institutions, in order to continue to support academic freedom.

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