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May 27, 2006 2:55 am

Iraqi support of Iran

This is very interesting on a number of levels. Is Iraq simply following NPT guidelines? Do they want to retain the right to have their own nuclear program? Are they concerned about Iranian support for the insurgency? Is this a show of independence? Do they just want a 'relatively' sympathetic regional nuclear power to counter Israel? What are some other ideas?

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John H. Lederer - 5/28/2006

CNN apparently mucked it up. NYT seems better but seems to have omitted pertinent conditions of guaranteeing peaceful use:.

Taylor Owen - 5/27/2006

You are of course right. In fact, the questions are a bit silly as he clearly doesn’t speak for the entire government and there could therefore be any number of self motivated reasons for his statement. However, on some level, the coalition cannot have it both ways. If they are arguing, as they increasingly are, that this is a representative government that will soon be capable of governing on its own, then at some point they will have to accept the actions of its members.

Jonathan Dresner - 5/27/2006

I don't know that it's justified yet to refer to "Iraqi" policy or strategy, and given the Deputy Minister's backpedaling, this could be a "signal" or it could just be one guy trying to make friends where it could do him good....