Dec 27, 2003 1:43 am


The Texas G.O.P. has failed in its unprecedented midterm congressional seat grab in Texas. So, what do you do when you lose? Why you change the rules so you can win of course! Look for more entertainment from Texas soon. In short, another walkout by Democrats appears likely -- this time in the Texas Senate.

And speaking of rank hypocrisy and a Stalinist approach to a legislature, here's an excellent story about how far the G.O.P. congressional leaders have fallen from their principles since becoming intoxicated by, to use DeLay's famous pre-1994 words, the"arrogance of power."

Ooops. It appears W and the boys are furiously trying to walk back that Jim Baker story. Josh, as usual, has all the details. Hmmm. I do wonder what the story is behind all that, don't you? UggaBugga has both WaPo stories side-by-side in this post.

Here's more on the furor over this administration's deletion of the portion of the report dealing with Saudi Arabia. I posted on this yesterday.

It also appears possible that Condi Rice may resign. As I said earlier, in any other administration she'd have been gone after the first couple of high profile public lies. She wouldn't have had the chance to become the unrepentant serial liar that she is today.

All of these things together certainly demonstrate that this administration has suddenly lost the golden touch, huh?

As my father-in-law puts it,"when it goes, it completely disappears."

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