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May 25, 2006 4:31 pm

Write Fiction, Expect the Police

"Philip Sandifer is the U Fla grad student in Gainesville from whom the campus police demanded DNA and fingerprints. Sandifer had published a short story about a murderer who cites his crimes in a letter to the Special Forces as qualifications for a job with them. The cops' rationale was that even if it was fiction, you can't be too safe, and besides, they didn't think that English students should be writing about murder."

Lawyer demands U Fla cops' documents on fiction writer
U. Florida cops ask fiction writer for fingerprints, DNA
Police Harassment 2
Police Harassment

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Amy H. Sturgis - 5/27/2006

Excellent point!

Keith Halderman - 5/26/2006

Sorry accidently hit enter, I was going to say maybe the Flordia campus police should fingerprint Mario Puzo.