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May 21, 2006 6:59 pm

Oh, But They Will

Apparently, the latest issue of National Review has a piece on the "50 Greatest Conservative Rock Songs of All Time," and"Won't Get Fooled Again" is number one.

Criteria for selection:"The lyrics must convey a conservative idea or sentiment, such as skepticism of government or support for traditional values.""Skepticism about government"?! Oh, my side...

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Aeon J. Skoble - 5/25/2006

Ok, here's the list. This link is some blogpost in which the list is discussed, but if you scroll down, you can see the whole NR article and the complete list. As I suspected, this only works by a strange conflation of meanings of conservatism. A list of actually-libertarian rock songs would be quite different, but there would be some overlap. Here:

Anthony Gregory - 5/23/2006

Unlike the Old Boss, he has God on his side, and should be trusted with the police state and warfare machine.

Aeon J. Skoble - 5/22/2006

Any dead-tree NR suscribers care to share the list, so we can discuss? Meanwhile, a thought on the very concept: looks like someone over there is blurring the distinction (again!) between libertarian-conservative and authoritarian-conservative. There's no shortage of conservative rock if you take a libertarianish, skeptical-of-government/authority view of conservatism. But that's not necessarily compatible with the other sense of conservative given by the author, or which NR typically operates under. Most of the best anti-government rock is either leftish or anarcho-libertarian. If NR is actually endorsing the Sex Pistols and the Clash, that'll be funny enough. If they endorse the explicit Randian themes in Rush, it'll be even funnier, since NR traditionally despises Rand. Someone please post the list!