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May 19, 2006 5:26 pm

Cory Maye Update

Cory Maye's lawyers file their brief last week in his motion for a new trial.

To my untrained legal eye, the brief is absolutely devastating. I don't know how anyone could possibly read it and still believe this guy deserves to die in Mississippi's death chamber.

The scary thing is the enormous disparity between the brief his talented legal team filed last week and the brief filed by his incompetent trial attorney many months ago. Makes you wonder how many other people sit in Mississippi prisons solely because they had crappy counsel.

Read the brief here. Read the reports filed by forensics experts hired by Maye's legal team here and here. I elaborate a bit more here. And check here for several more updates to the case.

Also, there's much, much more coming.

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chris l pettit - 5/20/2006

to my well trained legal is amazing that this case even has legs...this is so pathetic...Rodney, you are correct about the devastating nature of the brief

it just goes to show the paucity that is the "legal" system in this country...

we do not live under a rule of law...we live under a rule of man...meaning the imposition of power ideologies by moral entrepreneurs...rights and law do not exist in this country...and the blame falls quarely on legal positivism and its legal and moral bankruptcy