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May 19, 2006 2:00 pm

Homeowners' Associations: Tyranny or Expression of Liberty

I am now attending a Liberty Fund seminar on this issue. As readers of L and P know, this issue has generated some commment here. Thus far, the discussion at the seminar has helped to shed much led on the history of associations, current development, and implications for liberty and markets. More later when I return.

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Kenneth R. Gregg - 5/19/2006

As you know, I am quite distrustful of HOAs and regard them as short-term problems (as the people at do) and long-term disasters (as Spencer MacCallum does). The state-chartered HOAs typically mishandle the capitalization of their property and all but prevent multi-generational advances on the individual properties. They have all of the problems of city zoning laws and few advantages in the long run.

Were it a simple matter to secede from HOAs or dissolve them due to failure of concurrent agreement of restrictions, HOAs might take a different route, but then this procedure could be a principle used in other municipalities.


Just a thought.
Just Ken