May 17, 2006 2:46 pm


His pearls of wisdom include:

"The Mujahid Iraqi People... Has Shattered the American Plan, Not Only in the Region, but Throughout the World" . . .

"But as for defensive Jihad - it is not conditional upon turning to a Sunni or Shi'ite jurisprudent, to a source of authority, to any Islamic school of thought, or to Islamic party, because this type of Jihad is an individual duty. Everyone must fight - children, women, the elderly, the youth - in order to liberate man, to liberate mankind, in order to liberate Palestine in its entirety, in order to liberate Iraq from the American-Zionist-British presence.

Interviewer:"How do you view Iraq's future, both in the short and long term?"

Ayatollah Ahmad Husseini Al-Baghdadi:"I say that the coming year will witness the defeat of the Americans, their lackeys, and those who rolled in on the American tanks, because the operations are escalating. There are some dubious TV channels that broadcast an item or two about them, whereas other operations are not reported at all." . . .

"Car Bomb Attacks are Carried Out by the Israeli Mossad and the CIA, in Purely Shi'ite Areas as Well as in Purely Sunni Areas"

Ayatollah Ahmad Husseini Al-Baghdadi:"How can they face Iran? How come Israel has 50 nuclear bombs? Why are they selective? Why shouldn't an Islamic or Arab country have a nuclear bomb? I am not referring to the Iranian program, which the Iranians say is for peaceful purposes. I am talking about a nuclear bomb.

Ayatollah Ahmad Husseini Al-Baghdadi:"The second clause says no law may contradict the principles of democracy. Can you imagine millions demonstrating in Iraq, calling for same-sex marriage, like in Sweden, America, and Britain? Same-sex marriages means a marriage of a man with a man, or a woman with a woman. This is a terrible catastrophe, totally forbidden by Islam. Whoever marries someone of the same sex must be killed. Both must be killed as soon as possible and must be burned as well."

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