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May 14, 2006 11:52 am

Another Psychiatric Political Prisoner

Anyone who values liberty should read about this travesty of justice over at Rad Geek People's Daily. Here's a taste:
Cleveland antiwar activist Carol Fischer is being held incommunicado in the psychiatric [section] of the Cuyahoga County jail in on the orders of Judge Timothy McGinty. Fischer, who at 53 years old stands 5'4" and weighs 130 pounds, was convicted of a"felonious assault" she allegedly committed against two Cleveland Heights police officers last year. The cops claim that Fischer bit and tried to hit them when they arrested her for posting"Bush Step Down" posters in violation of the city sign ordinance.
Locking up political dissidents in psychiatric wards is what they used to do in the Soviet Union. Free Carol!

Cross-posted at Free Association.

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